The DO’S and DON’TS of saving money on your eyecare and eyewear

This financial crisis from COVID-19 has many of living paycheck to paycheck more than ever. Or sadly, maybe even without a job or eye care insurance

Believe it or not, I love to save money and get a great deal. I love to spend just a few dollars on something, but usually, if it’s too cheap or too good to be true—it is going to do that.. break..and then you may be back at square one.

As a business/optical owner, I see some things of great value that you could consider to save money, but still get excellent eye care and eye wear:


  1. Private pay exams often have a discount over the “list price.”  This comes because no insurance claim is filed, no waiting period to get paid, no headaches.  Like the saying goes, “Cash is King” (and credit cards work just fine in my office, too).  So, ask for a cash pay discount price.
  2. If you need contact lenses, ask for a great, but affordable brand. Some really are cheaper, and are 90% as good as the premium brand!  Some contact lenses even come with a manufacturer online rebate, when means, you get up to $100-$200 back after buying the whole annual supply at once and sending proof of purchase.
    • This really cuts the price per lens down, lower than online.
    • Direct shipping to your door is FREE with an annual supply
    • Your doctor’s office gets your prescription correct, no guessing what to order online
  3. If you need glasses, look for close out frames or ones in a discounted display. In our office, we have 2 lines of generic frames that are well made, but have no brand name associated with them. I love to sell those to patients, because I know they’re saving money, but getting a great product.
In-office fitting of frames and lenses
  1. EYEGLASS LENSES are the big part of the prescription eye wear. My trouble with online retailers is that lenses are not all made the same. Especially if you have a tricky prescription, –the thickness and centration of your lenses, and the types of material are crucial.

I love helping make a great pair of glasses on a budget—and I mean even 79$ or 99$. Glasses that I can stand behind and good enough for family or friends to wear.

So, if your glasses break, let me help you make them on a budget. Tell us your budget and we can get the best value for you. Some patients need higher quality frames if they have sensitive skin, larger face shapes, tiny noses,etc.  Some patients need higher quality lenses based on higher than average prescriptions.  Let us help you cut corners rather than you choosing which ones to cut!!


  • Using your contact lenses for longer than recommended before throwing them away
  • buying progressive lenses online. The lenses are fairly complex in design and fit to the pupil. Pretty tricky even in person!
  • getting your eyes checked at a walk-in kiosk that uses a computer to check your prescription and a camera to check your eye health. Those auto machines can be really inaccurate, not to mention what they miss on eye health checking.
  • wearing someone else’s contact lenses. Nah, bro.. I’m good.

If you have just a few dollars to spend for your eyes, decide how to spend it on whats best for you. Online shops are just that—shops…. They are trying to get as many sales as they can, not look out for your best interest.

This is a judgment free office…..If you come to see me with contacts you’ve worn for 3 months because you didn’t have any others, I will help you. If you have ancient glasses with a taped on lens, I will help you!

Thoughtful advice from your understanding eye doc—Dr. Green