Our Vision Philosophy

At Green Eye Associates, our doctors believe that your vision is a gift we are passionate about—we want to give you excellent treatment and help you see clearly. Our desire is to serve you in the best way possible.

We use the most advanced techniques to measure your eyes without invasive techniques.  

Our automated technology makes the measurement of your eyes and eyesight easier for you and allows for more accurate results. We know patients often dread certain eye tests, so we use a new method to check eye pressure without an air puff in the eye!

Our Optos retinal imaging provides the widest view of the back of your eye for a thorough examination. We can diagnose and manage medical conditions of your eyes such as diabetes, macular degeneration, and glaucoma by combining imaging and microscopic examination of the eyes. Routine eye exams every year allow for early diagnosis and best treatment of sight-threatening conditions.

All of our eye tests are centered around getting the best information about your eyes in the most accurate way possible. In doing this, we give you honest advice about what is best for your eyesight and how to preserve it through the years of life.

We are here for you. It is our joy to serve you and your family and to be a part of your journey to a clearer vision.

Our Vision Technology

Marco Digital Refraction System

When patients come to Green Eye Associates, they often encounter new technology they haven’t seen at previous eye clinics. We use a Marco Digital Refraction System, which allows us to measure your prescription and vision with accuracy. And, for the most straightforward measure of your eye pressure, there is no puff or eyedrops needed with our iCare tonometer!

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For the most thorough retinal health evaluation and a view into the vessels and nerves of the eye, we examine your eyes with a microscope. We also use a scanning widefield computer imaging system called Optomap. This technology allows our doctors to view your retina in great detail without dilation eye drops. Images are saved and compared year-to-year to monitor any abnormal findings.