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Eyeglasses from Green Eye Associates

We offer more than 800 eyeglass frames for our patients to choose from, and we cut and grind our lenses in-house to make sure they are as accurate as possible. We believe that you deserve the best vision possible, and we believe that we have the optical department best equipped for that purpose.

Eyeglass lenses bring to life and make real the numbers our doctors have prescribed to help improve your vision, however, not all lenses are the same. Our in-house lenses are Essilor brand progressives and we are privileged to be Essilor Experts that use research-backed products for the clearest vision in all positions—near, far and computer range.

We recommend Crizal Anti-Reflection coatings on your eyeglass lenses for the clearest, most comfortable vision at night and during the day. This anti-reflection technology is also helpful in blocking UV light and blue light.

Our selection of frames ranges from “effective and affordable” to designer brands meant to suit your personal style, including Tom Ford, Tiffany&Co, Ray-Ban, Oakley, and more. To view the frames that are available from Green Eye Associates, click on the link below to view our entire collection.


Contact Lenses from Green Eye Associates

Many of our patients choose to wear contact lenses and we love helping train patients of all ages to be successful in lens wear. We offer daily disposables for dry eye (infuse by Bauch and Lomb), multifocal contacts to help you get rid of reading glasses, and special fits of rigid lenses for Keratoconus. 

We teach and train healthy lens wear and recommend annual supplies of contact lenses for fewer complications. This also helps our patients change their contacts on schedule, which is important for eye health. 

The top lens manufacturers in our industry offer patient rebates to make purchasing your contacts from your doctor’s office the lowest price per box available, all while supporting your local small business and community. Click below to shop our selection of contact lenses through our fulfillment partner.

Order Alcon Lenses

To order Alcon-brand lenses, including the varieties listed here, click the link below.
  • Alcon Percision 1 box
  • Alcon Total 1 box
  • Alcon AirOptix box
  • Alcon Total 32 box
  • Alcon AirOptix Night/Day box
  • Alcon AirOptix Hydraglide box
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Order Other Brands

To order all other brands of lenses, including Bauch & Lomb, Acuvue, and CooperVision, click the link below.
  • Bach + Lomb Biotrue
  • Bach + Lomb Ultra
  • Acuve Oasis
  • Acuve Oasis Daily
  • Copper Vision My Daily Box
  • Freshday Multi-focal
  • Aquaclear Premuim
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