Permanent Cosmetics

Can you imagine waking up in the morning with enhanced eyes? No powders or messy eyeliners to get in your eyes or on your contact lenses? No more drawing on eyebrows to try to look symmetrical.

We believe that you may want to enhance your natural beauty with permanent eyeliner or eyebrow microblading--

Our eyebrow/liner artist, Randa, has 3 years of experience in microblading and previously was an aesthetician. She is an artist by nature, so she makes your eyebrow lines match your face shape.

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Don't be afraid of a drastic appearance--we work to make it appear natural for you, like your makeup style. The dyes are natural and are made of organic oils, so they dissolve quietly into your skin over a period of 5 years.

We offer all colors and shapes of eyebrows and eyeliner.

Under Dr. Green's medical supervision, we offer higher strength numbing creams than are commercially available at salons, so you'll have a better experience.
What about your lashes? We offer a lash lift and tint for a 6 week enhancement of color and curl without messy glue or follicle damaging extensions.

Enhance your own lashes and love the way you look.


  • $3499 microblading of brows (includes 2 sessions for full treatment)
  • $499 eyeliner (includes 2 sessions for full treatment)
  • $65 lash tint and lift

$799 for all services for the complete eye enhancement

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