Dr. Green enjoys using the gift of eyecare to help those in need, whether overseas or in Waco. We participate in programs that allow school children in need of vision care to receive an eye exam and glasses. Also, in 2014, we gave 40 eye exams and 40 new pairs of eyeglasses for Dr. Green's 40th birthday to Waco area children and adults.

Dr. Green has been a part of eyecare teams to Honduras and the Middle East, where she spent many years with her family. In 2016, during the Syrian Refugee Crisis, she was able to go to Greece and love and serve refugees living in tents, waiting for settlement. Her team was part of a large relief effort called "Engage the Crisis". Dr. Green was able to not only give food, water, and clothing, but also reading glasses to many in need. In the coming years, she hopes to travel again to be a part of a team that brings the gift of sight to others.

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